How much money is your business losing due to unreliable technology? Who are you going to call when your critical line-of-business application unexpectedly crashes? When do you think your IT guy will get around to fixing it? And most importantly, how much will it cost to fix?

If you are like most small business owners, you do not know the answers to all these questions. Furthermore, if you are currently paying for IT services using a “break fix” model (calling someone when your systems go down), it is likely that you are paying more than you should to repair technology. There are alternative solutions out there that allow your business applications to run more reliably for lower costs, and yes, less headaches too.

What is an IT Managed Service?

IT Managed Services Providers monitor technology services proactively to minimize downtime and ensure systems are secure. ​You have a predictable pre-paid monthly service contract with your IT managed service provider who supports your operating systems and software so that you can focus on running your business. 

But how exactly can IT Managed Services help your small business? Below are the top 5 reasons why successful small business owners use IT Managed Services (and why you should too!) 

Predictable Budget

Technology fails. It is inevitable that your critical line-of-business application will go down someday. Maybe it will go down in a few months, or perhaps it will go down tomorrow. If you only pay for “break fix” services today (you pay someone when something breaks), the person fixing your technology knows that you will pay big bucks for them to drop everything they are doing and resolve the technical issue as soon as possible. This leads to unexpected and unpredictable expenses which can wreak havoc on a small business’s bottom line (especially during these challenging times). Keep in mind that these unpredictable expenses are not only IT support invoices. When your key technology assets are down, your company is losing potential revenue, your employees are wasting precious time, and your productivity can decline substantially. With a premium IT Managed Services contract, you will have a predictable monthly IT services cost that will be consistent and reliable, just like you.

Less Disruptions

You are a busy person, and you need technology to work when you need it. There is nothing more frustrating than taking out your smartphone to write down a few important notes and your favorite note-taking app is not synchronizing to the cloud again! You are quickly distracted, trying to fix the problem, and then forget that important note that you wanted to jot down. IT Managed Service Providers proactively monitor your applications and systems. Proactive monitoring allows for preventative maintenance (fixing problems before they become frustrating issues) which results in less downtime. ​If there is a major issue, you are notified promptly, and the support team will have their hands on the keyboard in minutes instead of you finding out about that issue later in the day when you really need that technology to work. Then you need to call that IT guy again (what was his name again? Why doesn’t he ever pickup on the first ring?). Leveraging an IT managed service provider leads to less disruptions so that you can focus on what is important for your business.

Industry Experts

IT managed service providers are staffed with industry experts who live and breathe technology. Industry experts know about the latest technology trends and are a great resource to ask for insights into how to stay ahead of the competition. You will have confidence that your modern technology systems will have high return-on-investment. Furthermore, an internal IT staff is more likely to provide you feedback that you WANT to hear (you are their boss, after all); while IT managed service providers will provide a third-party unbiased opinion from a passionate technology industry expert.


As your business grows, often your technology expenses will grow with it. When your business is rapidly accelerating, the last thing you want to do is spend time recruiting a new IT support person. Did you know that the average cost-per-hire is $4,129 (according to the Society for Human Resource Management’s Human Capital Benchmarking Report)? That is a lot of money to risk on someone who may or may not provide the elevated level of service that you need. The beauty of IT managed service providers is that as your business grows, your IT support automatically scales to meet your business needs. You do not need to waste any time reading dull technical resumes, interviewing applicants, and praying that the person you choose will provide the level of support your business needs. You simply pay the predictable monthly contract cost and leave the rest to the managed services provider; it does not get easier than that.  

New Technology

One of the key benefits of using an IT Managed Service company is that your team will always have the latest software since your software is always up to date. To advance in today’s hyper-competitive world, you need the latest and greatest features to have an edge on the competition. With a premium managed services contract, you will have a virtual CIO (Virtual Chief Information Officer) who will meet with you to discuss the latest technology trends in your industry and ensure that you are at-pace or better than your competitors. Less research, less reading, a short conversation with someone you trust, and onto the next thing.  

Why Zaks Technologies?

Zaks Technologies provides peace of mind for small-to-medium sized businesses that their IT budget will be predictable in a chaotic world. Zaks Technologies was founded on the belief that premium IT support should not be reserved for large enterprises; small business owners deserve the same level of world-class service. We partner with our clients to understand their unique technology needs and fit solutions within their budget. Our professional IT managed services are tailored around your needs and include onsite and remote tech support, proactive monitoring, technology consulting, and outsourced IT support services.

What’s Next?

Now that you know why successful small business owners use IT managed services, it is time for you to contact us for a completely free consultation to discuss how your business can get a leg-up on the competition. 


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